Jessica C. Harris

Assistant Professor, Higher Education, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA

Jessica C. Harris, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Higher Education in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA. Through her research, Jessica focuses on race, racism, and its intersections in higher education. She concentrates her research projects within three areas: race and campus sexual violence, multiraciality in higher education, and the rhetoric of racial inclusion in post-secondary contexts. Her scholarly interests have led Jessica to research a variety of populations and issues, including women of color student survivors’ experiences with campus sexual violence. Jessica was recently awarded the ACPA Emerging Scholar Award, a reflection of the over 30 journal articles, book chapters, and blog posts she has published. More recently, Jessica’s co-edited book, Sexual Violence and its intersections on Campus: Centering minoritized students’ voices, was published in January 2017. Jessica has also worked in Multicultural Affairs at The Pennsylvania State University, the University of Denver, and Stanford University.