Our Mission

The University of Arizona Consortium on Gender-Based Violence is a research and resource center that seeks to model and inspire a radical shift in the way we think about and address gender-based violence.

Our mission is to bring together interdisciplinary, cutting-edge interventions on gender-based violence in order to foster synergy between research, pedagogy, outreach, service, and student engagement both on and off campus. We serve as a research and resource center for UA faculty, students, and staff through:

  • Seed funding for innovative research and programming
  • Assessment and evaluation services to ensure best practice in campus policies & programs
  • Partnerships on and off-campus to develop, implement, and evaluate science-based interventions to address gender-based violence
  • Academic opportunities and resources for students, faculty, and staff


We strive to generate and circulate innovative conversations and analysis through supporting cutting-edge research on gender-based violence by UA faculty, staff, and students. We also envision collaborating with campus partners to develop a research-to-practice model for violence prevention and response, as well as working with community partners to strengthen gender-based violence prevention efforts in greater Tucson.


We work with faculty to integrate discussions of gender-based violence into the classroom through providing content expertise, curriculum development, and a new matching grant initiative through the Student Faculty Interaction program. We also help to create career pathways for students through internships and opportunities to engage and collaborate with experts in the field.